Sunday, May 20, 2018

Visit From Montreal

Samantha:  My girlfriend from Montreal visited this weekend - came in Friday, staying until Monday.  She had a bit of drama back home, and this was a good chance for her to unwind during her visit.  You might notice I say girlfriend.  Things have changed for her back home, and I'm quite happy to get the chance to use that word.

Her visit's been pleasant.  We hung out a bit Friday, and went drinking at the local sports bar.  By drinking, I mean she and my sister in law and my roomie got drinking - I had my usual Shirley Temple.  The desserts I ordered wound up on the house, and we got gift cards for free wings on our next visit.

Saturday was seeing Deadpool 2, which was an interesting film.  Then we showed our Lego Ghostbusters firehouse, and she sat down and started assembling it.  I didn't know she liked Lego, but it was fun watching her put it together.

Sunday?  She finished the firehouse while we napped.  We went back to the sports bar for the free wings, and a screw up resulted in another free dessert for me. And when we got home and digested, I got to have some fun.

It's been a relaxing, happy weekend for me.. and this has been a very pleasant experience.  Looking forward to seeing her in July, when we go to TennoCon.

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