Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Passing Me By

Samantha:  I'm in a shitty mood.  I decided to check my Gmail, and happened to glance at the chat menu at one side.  In a few weeks, it's going to be my friend Rumour's birthday. I've not heard from her in over a year.
This keeps happening to me.. I get close to someone, and they just disappear from my life, leaving me not knowing how they're doing,  why they've left, or anything. They just vanish on me, after I've opened up to them and trusted them with my feelings.
And it hurts.  Years and even decades later, it hurts.  I hate feeling abandoned like this.  I don't know how Mark can handle it, because it breaks my heart when it happens to me.

1 comment:

  1. Well... you're not alone in that. People lose touch all the time.
    Frankly, I think my coping mechanism is a lack of attachment to begin with. I... don't really think I can recommend that, and even so, it doesn't always work. There are some people I miss painfully when I'm reminded of their absence.