Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Legion and the Mormons

Samantha:  Kit's been having Mormons come visit.  He's been a little uncomfortable with their presence, but it isn't because he doesn't like them or anything.  It feels like there's a spiritual conflict each time they're around.  But that's not what I'm here to talk about..

Their last visit, they asked Kit if he'd be willing to be baptised.  Kit replied that, while he accepts their faith (as he pretty much accepts all faiths on some grounds), he would not be able to be baptised, because he would need a consensus.  This sort of confused them.. so he sort of introduced us.

This became almost a five minute oration, discussing who we were, how we interacted, and how we fit into his life and spirituality.  He laid out our concerns about the afterlife, how we felt about ourselves, and our need to be accepted as individuals.

This was really fascinating for them, I think.  He kinda blew their minds.. but they accepted our presence.  The very idea we were there, and that we had our own spiritual needs caught their interest.  So, what happened is that one of them has decided she's going to look into great depth into the Mormon afterlife and view on spirituality, and how it intersects with us.

Kinda curious to see where this goes.  I mean, Shinto's cool and all, our sensei basically said 'you're all gods, when your body dies, you'll continue to exist'.  Kinda curious how Mormonism is gonna take us.


  1. You're a god, when the body expires you go on to your own planet/universe to play with

    1. Shinto thinks that, and Mormonism thinks that too, as does Vodou. :>