Saturday, January 11, 2014

On the Air?

Samantha:  So, I've been invited to DJ again.  I used to DJ on Second Life - which was fun, I enjoyed putting on music and entertaining in-world.  This is a bit different though.. in this case, I'd be DJing in Guild Wars 2.. and I'd be on air.  This means my voice would be heard.. and that scares me.

Because, of course, my voice is not my voice.  Sure, I talk at a higher pitch than Kit does.. but still, it isn't mine.  And I really, really want to DJ again.  This means getting a good mic, and it also means trying to find a way to get my voice heard.

So.. looking into voice changers.. and while I'm at it, discussing what I'd do, when I'd do it, and so forth.  If I can get this sorted?  I could DJ again.. and be more.. legitimate at it.

Scared.. but interested.

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