Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Defines Family?

Samantha: Last night someone decided they could "out" me on a community. He was in an argument with my brother (Kit) about some things, and decided when he was going to talk about Daryl or myself, he'd use " " around the title "brother" and "sister". The community Kit posts to doesn't know about our circumstances, but if you see " " there during a discussion, what's the presumptions you might make?

This pissed me off obviously, and I decided to sleep on it before I said anything. Well, the next morning I wasn't feeling any better about it, and Kit was wondering what to say? If someone doesn't accept your view on these things, you're essentially screwed for any reasonable discussion on the points made. And, of course, you're also probably going to need to try to explain the circumstances and deal with a few hundred people you don't know suddenly judging you. Yeah, it sucks all around.

I shot off a quick reply to the guy, and I wanted to wash my hands of the whole thing. Well, guess what? When I asked him why he did it, one of the things he said was 'you're not his sister. You're not family. Especially now that he's trying to start one'.

Well, fuck that! Nobody gets to decide if I'm family or not except my family. You know what? I'm not going away just because Kit's having a kid. It's already been decided that we'll have to explain ourselves to the kid while they're growing up, and that they'll need to learn to handle it. This isn't some short-term thing we're talking about. I'm not some passing 'phase'. And treating me like a non-person isn't helping matters.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be dealing with this guy anymore.

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