Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I decided to go onto Second Life today.  It's been about a year, and it was about a year since my visit before that.  I left it all behind for.. reasons.

First and foremost, my partner there decided she was going to stop going.  We still talked on Skype, and she offered to go on when I was DJing there.  So, that killed my reasons for logging on more often.  We'd sometimes hook up and go around, but.. no, not much.  Then, we got a new computer.  And I couldn't hook up to the streams to DJ.  Since that was my only other reason to usually go, I just bowed out.  And then I stopped going.

Well, Rumour's gone.  I've not heard from her in two years.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and I wished her a happy birthday, but.. yeah, nothing there.

So, today, I decided to log into Second Life.. to just see what was there.  A few things have changed, but a few of my DJ friends are there.

But it hurts so very much.
I miss Rumour.  I see myself in Second Life, and .. I feel her absence.
It's like when I was playing on Fool's Moon, and Kayla disappeared.
Or Yuriba, when Faith vanished.

I don't normally let myself get close to people.  But when I do..
And they disappear..
It hurts.

I don't know what to do about things like this.  I don't like it when people disappear.  It makes me want to stay away from people.  To just curl up and leave everyone behind.

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