Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coming Soon!

Samantha:  Guess what?  I'm a DJ!  Well, sort of.  I've got my own program starting up on the 28th on  I'm getting the best of both worlds though - because I don't have to talk on-air.  Instead, we're using a text-to-voice program, and the conceit of the show is that it's being run by an AI.  It's a spin-off of my friend Karma's show (Sundays, from 4-7pm PST), and instead of having a human host with AI co-hosts, it'll be an AI host with a human co-host.  The voice is pretty nice, and the backstory leading up to it's gonna be fun.  If you can tune into Karma's show on the 28th, it's effectively a two-parter, going from one show, to the other, and bridging the two shows.

We've been playing a lot of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, and I've been having a good time of it.  The Saturday group's been playing on Skype text off and on the last week, and I've been enjoying it - especially since a friend of mine's introduced a bunch of NPCs to help flesh things out.  The Thursday group's been doing well, too, and I've been having a good time.

Dunno what else to say.  :>  Just.. things have been good.

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  1. Samantha, the show was great! Looking forward to the next one. Taz.