Friday, July 24, 2009


Samantha: Strange. We were just talking to ourselves a few days ago about the fact we can do tarot readings for people, but haven't in a long while. Kit had done one for his favourite author about a year or so ago, but we only seem to do this once every year or two. But tonight, on Second Life, someone spontaneously asked if I do tarot readings.

The answer is, yes, I can. All of us can do them, but we each have different strengths, and handle them in different ways. But, she really seemed to need a reading, and it seems we'd been subconscously been preparing to do one.. so I cracked open our cards, blew the dust off them metaphysically, and got to work.

I'd never seen so many major arcana drop like bombs all at once, ever. The Emperor, the Lovers, the Tower, the Hanged Man, the Devil, The Fool. The only thing untouched was her past, her future, and the answer she was looking for.

I read her cards, told her what I saw, and it threaded perfectly with her circumstances.. which doesn't surprise me, this is what we do, and what we're good at.

Of course, I paid the price.. Kit's got a better grounding for doing tarot work.. when I do it, it shreds.. it hurts, I get headaches, I feel weak, and I need a chance to recover. A reason why I don't do it.

Mark: We've often wondered where this kind of ability comes from. As Samantha explained to some friends who were over, Legion's built to be passive, not active, but there are some talents there. I just wonder where it comes from.

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  1. Where does it come from for anyone? A traditional Norse wisewoman told me that in her tradition, only the children who ask the right questions are trained. A shaman has a metaphysical "glow" that other people don't. No matter how much you want it, if you don't have that glow, nothing (short of being struck by lightning) will put it there.